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City Center NOVA connects its members and builds community through regular member events. We are a new organization, and the number and diversity of events and activities will grow as our new community grows (our first events will be in November at our Arlington location). Membership entitles you to attend these activities and events free of charge, except where extra costs may apply for outside events such as movie or sports tickets, bowling fees, etc.). The membership also pays for the basic administration to organize our events. Nonmembers will pay a small fee to attend events.

Member events will also include educational and therapeutic activities supporting an individual’s ability to thrive (grocery shopping runs, balancing a checkbook, basic cooking and nutrition—tailored to the community’s requirements). Of course, a member picks whatever events he or she is interested in.

Many of the events will take place in community spaces where City Center NOVA “residents” live, and others in familiar, public locations. However—you do not need to live independently to join. City Center NOVA is a community for adults and families regardless of where you live.

In addition to Individual & Family Memberships, we also offer Professional Memberships to companies or individuals who are professionals and to get involved in our organization. See this option below for more information.

Join our community and be part of our journey.

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