Meet The Team

Paula Manion, Chair
Paula Manion is the Founder and Chair of City Center NOVA, and also serves the community as a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner and Behavior Health Specialist Children’s Medical Associates in Fairfax. Paula has over 25 years experience caring for children from birth through age 22 with a special focus on advocacy and care of children and adolescents with disabilities and mental health issues. She is a strong passionate leader for this mission to create affordable, inclusive communities for adults with disabilities in Northern Virginia. She is the mother of Michael, an adult with autism, and has witnessed first hand the challenges and barriers he has faced as an adult with a disability and is committed to work closely with other professional organizations and individuals to help find solutions to these problems. She is also a board member for the Northern Virginia Pediatric Society and volunteers her time preparing meals for the Lamb Center in Fairfax VA.
Julie Lowe, Marketing Committee Chair
Julie Lowe has served as Director to the City Center NOVA Board since March 2019, and also serves as the Chair of the Corporation’s Marketing Committee. Julie has volunteered her expertise because she shares the concern over the growing and immediate need for affordable housing for those with disabilities. This includes her son, Matthew, who was adopted from Russia at the age of 14 mos. Julie also serves as Vice President for TorchLight Hire, a D.C. area marketing and communications recruiting and staffing firm, and currently has more than 20 years of diverse experience in HR, organizational development, staffing and recruiting and knowledge management.
Larysa Kautz, Legal Committee Chair
Larysa Kautz has served as Director to the City Center NOVA Board since March 2019, and serves on the Corporation’s Legal Committee. Ms. Kautz also supports the Melwood nonprofit organization for individuals with differing abilities as Chief of Staff and General Counsel, supervising all departments working behind the scenes to execute Melwood’s strategic goals, challenges, and day-to-day issues. Ms. Kautz has more than 15 years of experience in law, corporate governance, risk management, government relations, and communications.
Denise Garcia, Legal Committee Co-Chair
Denise Garcia, Lawyer, DGG Consulting, LLC, and Management Consulting Board of Directors, Legal Committee Co-Chair
Jacqui Winters, Business Committee Chair
Maureen Waters, Director
Maureen Waters joined the Board of Directors in June 2019 and is focusing on management and marketing. Maureen’s interest in affordable and accessible housing dates back to when she worked at Habitat for Humanity International headquarters in Georgia, where she also met her husband Tom. Maureen and Tom have three children, including their daughter who is legally blind and has disabilities, but loves to be independent. Maureen brings with her 21 years of experience working in Marketing at Verizon, as well as years of experience volunteering with her kids’ schools, little league, and college alumni organization. Maureen has an undergraduate degree from Duke University, and an MBA from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
Bruce Finland, Facility Developer
Joe Manion, President
Joe Manion serves as the President of City Center NOVA after assisting Paula Manion in the corporation’s founding and transition into a corporation. As the father of Michael, an adult with autism, he is committed to finding permanent solutions to improve quality of life of individuals with a disability, and in particular seeks to gain public understanding on how disabilities are perceived. Joe works as a freelance writer after retiring from active duty in the US Air Force and then serving as a Senior Defense Contractor at the Pentagon. His previous experience includes military aviation, representing the USAF on major Defense acquisition programs, and interfacing with the militaries of other nations to further US national security objectives.
Mark Lowe, Treasurer
Mark Lowe serves as Treasurer for City Center NOVA and is a member of the corporation’s Financial Committee. Mark is also Vice President of Gas Supply and Engineering for Washington Gas and an active member of the American Gas Association and the Southern Gas Association. Sixteen years ago Mark and his wife, Julie, adopted Matt from Russia and shortly after returning home determined he was intellectually disabled and socially challenged. Now a wonderful young adult, Matt continues to be challenged by many of life’s routine, and struggles to develop those relationships essential to a full and happy life. Mark and Julie are focused creating homes and safe, inclusive communities for Matt and his peers to live independently. Mark holds degrees in Geological Engineering from the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, an MBA from Pepperdine University and is a Registered Professional Engineer.
Virginia Lebeck, Secretary
Ginny Lebeck has served as the Secretary to the City Center NOVA Board since March 2019 and also serves on the Marketing Committee. Ginny’s passion for inclusion coupled with the current lack of affordable and attractive housing opportunities for those with disabilities in our area led her to volunteer. She was inspired to join this movement by her son Griffin, who was diagnosed with autism and sensory processing disorder at the age of 3. She brings over 25 years of marketing, communications and membership expertise to the team. She is currently a Member Engagement Manager for Dynamic Communities and works to onboard new Members, develop onboarding initiatives and cultivate relationships within the Community of Microsoft Dynamics users.