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Greetings and salutations, City Center NOVA. My name is James Robert Conway Del Polito and I am an adult with autism. I’m a Staff Assistant at the United States Postal Service Office of the Inspector General. My career initiated on 1/29/2013, and I’ve been successful up to this year, with some bumps in the road.

On 2/2/2020, I attended game day at the Fairlington Presbyterian Church in Alexandria, Virginia. I volunteered to be the Bingo caller, and I did well at it due to my experience with it, but then I got tired and lent the position to the next person in line.

Afterwards, I taught another new friend I made how to play one of the most basic board games ever known, “Sorry”, and old timeless classic. Near the end, we were neck and neck, and the remainder got intense. I won in the end, but with a fair victory, because I hate it when things don’t intensify. We all have to level up in the near future, and this was one of my times.

I enjoyed the event and got to go to my bowling league afterwards. I’m in the JCCNV League, and I’m the leader of one of the teams in that league, No competition; just fun, friendship, and socialization is all I’m about.

That’s it for me, and I hope you all strive in your paths to success in your lives. Thank you, and God bless us all.
— James

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